Legal Research

A list of resources that I use to make finding things like journal articles and cases a bit less time consuming. It's pretty minimal at the moment, but I'll keep adding to it.


Case Reports

Knowing whether to look at LexisNexis or Thomson Legal Online (aka FirstPoint) to find case reports can be a bit hit and miss, so here's my list:
AbbreviationFull Name PublisherCoverage 
 CLR Commonwealth Law Reports* 1903
 Tas R Tasmanian Reports* 1992-
 NSWLR NSW Law Reports* 1972-
 VR Victorian Reports* 1957-
 Qd RQueensland Reports* 1974-
 SASR South Australian State Reports* 1971-
 A Crim R Australian Criminal Reports 1979-
 FCR Federal Court Reports* 1984-
 ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports 2002-
 ALR Australian Law Reports 1973-
 AAR Administrative Appeals Reports 2003-
 LGERA Local Government and
 Environment Reports
 MVR Motor Vehicle Reports 1983-
 ER English Reports 1220-1873
* Reporters marked with a star are the authorised reports and should be used in preference to other sources.

Effective Searching

Researching the case history

You can use various tools to get a quick view of the cases upon which a particular decision relies, or how the case has been subsequently treated using various tools. For this I recommend either:


Journal Articles