Deep Links to Legal Research Databases in Australia

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 with No comments
I wrote a post a while back about how to use Quicksilver (an app for OS X) to quickly look up a citation on AustLII. The obvious next step was to see whether it could be done or not.


You can do this sort of thing with Westlaw International, but not with Westlaw AU. Kind of sucks. I'm told that Westlaw are hoping to make this sort of thing possible later in the year. I may have worked out a way around it, but dare not share it because (a) it's ugly; and (b) it's unreliable; and (c) sharing it might just breach the user licence.

(As a side note, I note that Westlaw allow you to create deep links to specific cases once you find the one you want. Instructions are available online.)


Lexis Australia is way more advanced. Not only do they allow deep linking, but they give you the code to embed a search box in another site, and have nice tidy URLs for searching (for example) CaseBase by citation.