PubPat goes after EpicRealm patents

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, November 26, 2006 with No comments
From this PubPat press release:

Despite no longer making any product or service itself, epicRealm is asserting the patents against those that provide information and services to the public over the internet, a group which includes many private citizens, public service organizations and even the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office itself.  EpicRealm's assertion of the patents has included the filing of infringement lawsuits against more than a dozen mere end users of allegedly infringing web site systems.  PUBPAT challenged the patents because epicRealm's aggressive assertion of them is causing substantial public harm by threatening the way in which much of the most useful aspects of the Web are provided to the public.

Copies of the Requests for Reexamination filed by PUBPAT against the two patents epicRealm is widely asserting dynamic websites can be found at PUBPAT > EpicRealm Dynamic Website Patents.
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