IP Scorecard

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, November 26, 2006 with No comments
The Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (Australia) has released an IP scorecard comparing IP activity by Australians in Australia, the US and EU in the period 2000-2004. It lists things like:
  1. Applications per year for patents, trade marks, designs, plant breeder rights
  2. Patents granted in Australia to Australians (9%) and the top 5 tech groups of these (IT ranked in the Top 5).
  3. Similar stats for Innovation patents.
  4. Patents granted to Australians by the USPTO. Australia ranked 12th in 2005, with an increase of 30% in the number of patent applications over the previous year. Again, IT was in the top 5 technology groups.
  5. The number of patents granted to Australians by the EPO was up only 1.7%, with Australia ranking 17th in non-EU countries for patent applications. IT was not one of the top 5 groups, unsurprisingly ;)