Bibliographies & cross-referencing

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How difficult could it really be to code something in Python to handle legal referencing in Word (or anything else). Here's a rough sketch of how it should work:

  • Use BibDesk, hence BibTeX formatting (\cite{}, BibTeX db)
  • Can access footnote numbers for cross-referencing purposes.
  • Have a 'database' which maps types (journal, book, etc) to first citation and subsequent citation formats like this:
    {'case':'<i>%s</i>%s %s %s %s' % (title, year, volume, reporter, page), }
1. Scan the document for cite keys, building a table of the location of the first occurrence of a citation (ie footnote number).
2. Run back through, if first instance, use long format, if subsequent instance, use short format plus

'above n%s' % xref
That would be a good start anyway. Need to find out:

  1. About PyUNO (or some such thing) esp on OSX
  2. Whether there is already code for handling BibTeX databases
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