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EU patent fight hots up
I finally got around to reading an article on the European Patent Litigation Agreement, which seems designed to hand over patent litigation to an EU-based court, "controlled by the same people as the EPO". It is reminiscent of the US creation of the Federal Circuit court which is widely regarded as being pro-patent. The article claims that software patents are a serious reason why the EPLA is being pursued, but also that the EPLA itself goes way beyond just the software patent issue.
Free speech & copyright butt heads (pun intended)
In this article, a member of the Ohio Republican Party has been told to stop using footage of a Democrat candidate taken on the floor of the Ohio House of Representatives. This sort of thing would be almost enough to trigger the Australian 'implied guarantee of freedom of political communication'. :)

UN University undermines patent stimulate competition argument
Technology transfer is better done in Europe than the US, the UN University in the Netherlands has suggested in a new study. So much for the claims  by the EPO et al that software patents are needed to ensure the EU can compete with the US. If it aint broke, why fix it?

Australian Universities should give away their research
Gavin Moodie writes:

"As the Australian policy and management consultant John Howard observes, researchers and research organisations will, except in very rare situations, earn more from being paid for their work (through contracts and consultancy) than from licences and royalties flowing from intellectual property or from income earned in spin-off companies."
Because of this, Moodie says, universities should, with the exception of the biotech area, put their research in the public domain "as a contribution to the general good". But he loses me when he says this should be subject to a blockbuster clause. As any good lawyer knows, you can't make a gift if you leave strings attached.
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