DCITA Aus Software Industry study

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Here's a summary taken from http://www.tomw.net.au/blog/2006/04/making-australian-software-industry.html
CIIER estimates that in 2004–05, the Australian software product industry employed around 17 000 staff, supported by nearly 7000 development staff, and earned AUD 2.7 billion, of which $830 million went to Australian developers. International markets accounted for $290 million of this revenue, with $226 million going back to the software developers. The industry spends $66 million a year on R&D.
The computer software and services industry includes a large number of small firms. In June 2003, no less than 97% had fewer than 20 employees and 99.6% had fewer than 100. Nevertheless, a relatively small number of larger firms dominate most markets, of which the majority are foreign based multinationals though there are a few relatively large indigenous software firms.