N.V. Phillips' Gloeilampenfabrieken's Application

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Invention: "An electronic computer comprising in combination a directly accessible storage, and indirectly accessibly storage, and a control circuit permitting block transfers of information from accessible storage, in which consecutively numbered locations of the indirectly accessiible storage are arranged in  spaced disposition in said directly accessible storage"

At 2393: ... it is clearly apparent that the differentiating feature is not a tangible feature of the computer. ... Even whilst operating, the transient allocation of specific addresses to locations does not alter the nature of the computer as a piece of equipment. Physically, the computer claimed is very much the same as any other computer of the same kind.

It has been implied however, that an approprate spacing of storage locations may have a simplifying effect upon programming procedures. Clearly, the mere programming of a known computer, even optimum programming, is in the nature of a scheme how to use that computer advantageously, and on the basis of the decision of the House of Lords in British United Shoe Company Ltd v Standard Rotary Machine Company Ltd (1918) 35 RPC 33 would nor be patentable. The same may be said about simplification of programming. On the other hand, a new copmuter which would be particularly suited for a specific programme or for a specific group of programmes could be patented.