End of Week wrap-up

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, September 08, 2005 with No comments
There will be a lot of marking next week, so I thought I'd better wrap up my thoughts for the week.
  1. The book "The Digital Dilemma" was a real find. It says that it gives an framework in which to analyse the impact of the informationn age on intellectual property thinking. Could be a useful tool. At the very least, it is a well written and interesting book of which I can't wait to read more.
  2. Had a good chat with Di about the importance of trade secrets to software. It is something which she thinks I should school myself in more. Mentioned the Maggbury v Hafele case and David Brennan (who gave the guest lecture on it in IP last year and who might have written it up into an article). It seems like there is a gap in the literature which would allow further discussion of the benefits/disadvantages of this paradigm. Also, if the anti-sw-patent group want no patents, does this mean that more proprietary software development companies would end up using trade secrets? How could this be good.
  3. Had a good chat thismorning with Daniel Stewart from ANU about software patenting. It helped to discuss some of my ideas with someone who was across the area. One interesting question he asked was whether I thought that you could draw a line in the sand between software inventions which matched the patent paradigm and should be patentable, and those which should not be patentable. Also discussed the one-to-many ratio of patents to software products.
That's it - I'm sure there was more but I can't remember it. Anyway, this should help reload after exam marking :)